CountEmissions: EC regulation on Carbon Footprinting in transport

On 11 July 2023, the European Commission presented a proposal for a regulation on accounting for greenhouse gas emissions from transport services (COM(2023) 441/2), also known as “CountEmissions”. The proposal focuses on allocating emissions to every shipment up to and including entire supply chains: that drives smarter logistics and investments in ZE-drivetrains. 

The main aim of the proposal is to ensure that a scientifically based, detailed and harmonized methodological approach will be applied if and when companies report on their emissions. The goal is that the accounting is based as much as possible on the registration of primary data from business operations, and as little as possible on models that estimate emissions. On the other hand, the proposal assumes that simplified forms will be introduced, especially for SMEs, in order to limit the administrative burden. The basis is the ISO-14083 standard that was released this year. 

The proposal fits very well with the approach that has been developed and stimulated in the Netherlands for years, including by the Top Sector Logistics. 

The Top Sector Logistics will therefore dedicate a series of LinkedIn posts to this regulation, answer questions, and organize a webinar. The series will start in the week of 11 september 2023.

The series will address these topics: 

  1. ISO-14083 and assigning emissions in the chain, application guidelines
  2. Using, deriving or modeling primary data
  3. CPI, useful new indicator (part 1part 2)
  4. Benchmarking
  5. Supply data to each other, practically, commercially?
  6. Tools and Certification
  7. Using CPIs in practice
  8. Verification of results by an accountant
  9. Slightly more data, much more results: NOx, capacity deployment
  10. Automate: how to prepare internally for tools?
  11. Application in practice: L&G recognition
  12. Examples from practice
  13. Statistics, how to use
  14. Webinars
  15. Q&A – FAQ (downloadlink)

Questions can be asked via LinkedIn, or via e-mail, subject “CountEmissions”.