ISO 14083 verification in three steps

ISO 14083 verification
guarantees correct interpretation

ISO 14083, the international standard method for Carbon Footprinting in logistics, makes clear what companies must do. But it does not say how to do this. Topsector Logistics had several tools developed to implement Carbon Footprinting as efficiently as possible, step by step, and work toward ISO 14083 verification. Verification will assure customers and partners that a company or software package will correctly interpret the standard and meet the requirements.

Step 1- Self Assessment Questionnaire

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire developed by the Topsector provides an insight into whether companies are ready to work according to ISO14083 or whether they need to make improvements first.

Step 2 – Guidance document

Topsector had a Guidance document prepared, which translates ISO 14083 into the daily practice of transport and logistics. Reviewed by a pilot group of 10 shippers, carriers, forwarders and software builders, this document provides practical guidance for applying the standard. It means that companies know the impact of implementing ISO 14083.


Step 3 – Audit schedule for verification

If the Self-Assessment Questionnaire shows a company is ready for ISO 14083, they can be verified using the developed Audit Schedule. This gives the steps the company must take to demonstrate they meet the new ISO standard. This scheme was also tested by the pilot group.

By having an external party verify the correct implementation of ISO 14083, companies can reliably demonstrate their footprint and provide partners and customers with guaranteed correct data.


LRQA developed the Audit scheme on behalf of Topsector Logistics. Please contact LRQA if you would like to know more.


Does your company offer ISO 14083 verification? Then contact Topsector Logistics to list your service here.

Step 4 – Certification

We add one final step: certification. This is not possible at present, as it requires an accredited Audit scheme. At the moment the Audits scheme developed by LRQA is in the certification process. It is not clear when this process will be completed.

Have your company or software verified?

Several companies have gone through the verification process since 2023. CO2 calculation software BigMile developed by Topsector is now ISO 14083 verified. Van den Bosch logistics service provider was first in the Netherlands. By now several other software suppliers and logistics companies have been verified.

Do you want ISO 14083 verification for your software package or company? Please contact LRQA.

Want to implement ISO 14083 for your own use? Go to the ISO website.

Want to know more?

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