Software packages for carbon footprinting in logistics

ISO 14083 certified software

There are many different software packages to calculate CO2 emissions in logistics. A division can be made between modeling software and accounting software. We will briefly explain the differences. It is critical that the software you use is ISO 14083 verified. This way you comply with EU legislation and be sure that the results of your inputs are correct and that the auditor and your clients will accept the results.

Modeling software helps users to model a complex chain and estimate the amount of fuel consumed based on that model. This allows them to predict total emissions and see where the “hotspots” are.

These software packages include:

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Calculating and reporting CO2 based on primary energy consumption data from operations is becoming a legal requirement. Consequently, there are an increasing number of software packages that report at the shipment level, based on primary energy data. Based on that information, emissions are standardized and allocated.

Software packages include:

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More and more companies are choosing to  set up carbon accounting, as CO2 reporting will soon become part of the company’s annual report. This must be done in such a manner that administrators or accountants can verify the results to see if they are reliable and reflect reality. This is required in order to get an approved statement for example for mandatory emissions reports in your annual report or for emissions cost calculations. In addition to the ISO 14083 verification, an ISAE 3000 statement is important in this regard: this control statement is used by external auditors to test if the software package actually performs the calculations as specified.

Software packages with ISO 14083 verification and ISAE 3000 statement include:

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There are also tools to make a quick, initial estimate of the carbon footprint of your logistics activities. Together with EvoFenedex and TLN, Topsector Logistics developed the website Here you can very easily make an initial calculation of your footprint.

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